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Palisades Park Police is proud to announces the graduation of three new Class 1 Special Police Officers

Pictured from left to right Capt Shawn Lee, SPO Eunjin Cho SPO Jason Shin SPO Michael Lee & Capt Anthony Espino (OIC).

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Congratulations to our newly sworn in Captains of Police

Congratulations on the promotions of Captain Anthony Espino and Captain Shawn Lee. (pictured left to right Mayor Chris Chung, Captain Anthony Espino, Captain Shawn Lee, Councilman Michael Vietri)


PPPD swears in new officers December 2020

Congratulations to our newly sworn police officers: (left to right) Kristen Lee, Chang Eom Han, Nick Terranova and James Chang. We look forward to your future with our department and our community. Be safe and best wishes.